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14 Commerce Street  |  Flemington, NJ 08822

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Canvas PaintingCanvas PaintingCanvas Painting




Canvas PaintingCanvas PaintingCanvas Painting

Advanced registration and payment is required for all classes

Gone Paintin' reserves the right to cancel a class that has less than 4 scheduled participants at registration deadline.   You will be notified at least 4 hours in advance of any class cancellation and issued a full refund

Lead by an instructor, you will be taken through the steps one at a time to complete your very own 16x20 acrylic canvas painting. Signup for this experience and find your creative side. Unplug, relax and paint. Bring a date, a friend, or make new ones. Bring your favorite drinks and snacks and we provide the rest.  We will also offer kids canvas painting on

12 x 12 canvases. Tracing option is available for most designs.

Please do not wear your good clothes Acrylic paint does not come out of clothes  Aprons are provided. Gone Paintin' is not responsible for damaged clothing. 


Adults classes are 2-3 hours in length

Kids 12x12 canvas painting classs are approximatley 1.5-2 hours in length

Please give us a 48 hour notice for cancellation or no refund can be issued. You may use the payment made as store credit for a future date for canvas or ceramics. View our Calendar to signup for our canvas painting classes and to view our upcoming paintings, dates, and times.  Pre-registration is required for all classes.


 Ceramics PaintingCeramics  and Glass FusingCeramics Painting


Ceramics PaintingCeramics PaintingCeramics Painting


Gone Paintin' reserves the right to cancel a class that has less than 4 scheduled participants at registration deadline.

We will hold ceramics technique, or glass classes 1-2 times per month. Please visit our calendar to see what project we are working on for each class.  .

This class is led by an instructor and project can be placed on different pieces of bisque or different sizes of glass if you choose.

Advanced registration is required

No refunds for these classes, but you may use the credit in our studio at another time.

Sign up fee posted per class reserves your seat and includes instruction, glaze, firing and all supplies except cost of bisque or glass


PRIVATE  one on one class

Don't like groups or classes? Unsure of yourself as a "walk in"? Want your child to be the center of our attention?  Give Lisa a call and set up an appt.  Choose any canvas from our gallery, piece of ceramics off our shelves or piece of glass you want to create and you can have one on one private instruction time and we will teach you everything we know. Most projects can be completed in 2 hours.  $ 20 per hour plus the cost of your project.



 Paint At Your LeisurePaint at Your Leisure- Walk In StudioPaint At Your Leisure

Paint At Your LeisureLeisure PaintPaint At Your Leisure


Ceramics PaintingPaint at Your Leisure (walk-in) Ceramics :


We suggest reservations for a party of 6 or more so that we have studio staff available to assist you quickly with setting up your supplies.  We want you to enjoy your experience at Gone Paintin' and don't want you to have to wait for assistance.


Pick from our supply of bisque pieces.  Prices range from $ 10 - $ 65.  We will help you gather your supplies and paint after you have chosen your piece. After you are done painting, leave your piece with us to glaze and fire it and pick it up in a week.  We will hold your piece up to 30 days for pick up.  If you cannot finish your piece in one sitting we will wrap it up for you and you can bring it back when you are ready to finish. There is a $5 return studio fee


A good way to decide what you want to paint is to use a regular pencil & draw out your design.  All pencil marks will burn off ceramic bisque during firing. We also have stencils available.
Paint one coat for  a translucent look, two for semi opaque, & three coats for opaque. When you make multiple coats,  do not make multiple brush strokes on the second & third coats, only one pass over. You will move the bottom coats around defeating the purpose of getting an opaque look; instead you will get streaking. Sometimes that might be the look you are hoping for and sometimes not.  It is important to let your piece dry thoroughly between coats. Blow dryers are available if you have time restrictions. Make sure to dry your brushes very well before mixing with paint.


Have you ever wondered what happens to your ceramic piece after you finish painting it?
 Are you curious why it takes so long to get your piece back?

You pick it, you paint it.  It needs to dry for 24 hours, even though you think it looks dry. We prepare the glaze and make sure it is the perfect viscosity (it must be perfect) and then we hand dip each piece and then it must dry for another 24 hours.  The glaze dries blue.  Before loading the pieces in the kiln sometimes we need to touch up some glaze areas.  Each piece is stilted on nails and placed on 4-5 staggered shelves with kiln.  We bake it at about 1800 degrees for 24 hours.  We can't wait to open it to see all the beautiful shiny pieces.  We need to wait for them to cool down and remove the stilts.  Next we dremel off the sharp points made by the stilts.  Now your piece is ready for pick up.  We do have a fast fire option but it is 48-72 hours minimum because there is just no way to speed up the process.  Fast fire option is available at an additional cost as we must fire up our kiln for one piece. 

Canvas Painting- walk-in
Choose a painting from our canvas design books. Most paintings come with written instructions. We will help you gather your supplies, paint and provide you with the written instructions you can follow to create your design.  No instructor is available for walk in canvas painting for one on one assistance.  Most designs have traceable patterns available.

We suggest reservations for a party of 6 or more so that we have studio staff available to assist you quickly with setting up your supplies.  We want you to enjoy your experience at Gone Paintin' and don't want you to have to wait for assistance.

16x20 canvas $28

12x12 canvas $22  

If you cannot finish your painting in one sitting you can take it home and bring it back when you have time to complete it.

There is a $5 return studio fee


Glass Fusing - walk in

We have 4 to 12 inch pieces of glass and an 11 x 5, 15 x 7, cross shape options and more to choose from

You pick the size of your base and we show you how to cut and use the glass tools ( no cutting for kids under 12)

We do have precut pieces.  Safety glasses are required and provided when working with glass.  For glass fusing prices please check under the forms tab on our website.


Assistance will be available for ceramics, glass and canvas if needed, however one on one instruction is not available during open studio time. 


Private, one on one classes are available for canvas painting, glass fusing, clay and ceramics by appointment only. 

$ 20 per hour for private instruction.  Most projects can be completed in 2-3 hours.

Custom Projects can be created for you.  Labor rate is $ 20 per hour.



Coming Soon to Gone Paintin'Workshops and classes at Gone Paintin'Coming Soon to Gone Paintin'


Coming Soon to Gone Paintin'Coming SoonComing Soon to Gone Paintin'

Gone Paintin' is always adding new classes and exciting workshops!  If you have a class or workshop you would like to see at Gone Paintin' please let us know.  We are always looking to offer things that meet the needs and wants of our customers if we are able.  Please visit the calendar on our website for information regarding the activities listed below or give us a call



Gone Paintin' reserves the right to cancel a class that has less than stated number of participants at registration deadline.


Paint Me a Story - perfect for those little ones 5 and under.  We read and story and then paint something in the storyline.

Paint Me a Story is offered once a month and the cost is $ 18 per child


Adult Canvas BYOB Paint classes - check out calendar for designs, dates and times


Kids Paint and Pizza Parties/ Teen nights/ Family paint nights/ Couples paint nights -  check out calendar for dates and times


Snack ~ Sip  & Paint classes/ Board Art workshops - focus is on ceramic, wood and glass projects. Check out calendar for dates and times


Private one on one session - Call the studio and set up a time with Lisa




Special Discounts:

Veterans discount 15% all year and Thank You!  Does not apply to family members.



We offer badges for ceramics, canvas and glass fusing for scouts.  You let us know what your badge requirements are and we will fullfill them.  All scout groups are $ 20 per child and badges are included.  We do also offer clay handbuilding.









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