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14 Commerce Street  |  Flemington, NJ 08822

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What’s included?

Aprons, canvas, paint, brushes, and all supplies needed to create your piece. We also have glasses, bottle openers and the fun.


What to bring?
Friends! Wear comfy, play clothes.  Acrylic paint does NOT wash out of your clothes. Stay away from greasy finger foods when painting ceramics or your piece may not come out as you had hoped. We are not responsible for damaged clothing. We do provide aprons and encourage everyone to use one.


What does "Walk IN or Open Studio mean?

Walk In means that you are free to walk in the studio during open studio time and create on canvas, ceramics, glass or clay.  Open studio time is anytime during our normal business hours that are posted on our website or on the front window.  No appointment is necessary. We do recommend that if you have a group of 6 or more people that will be doing a project that you call ahead to let us know what time you are coming.  We will hold a table for you for 15 minutes. Seats are for active painters only during busy times. Please don't be offended if we ask you to give up your seat if you are not painting. We may need your seat for a customer that wants to create something.



Please look and do not touch the ceramic pieces as you are deciding what to paint.  The oils and greases from your hands get on them and leave a film which can cause the glaze to not adhere to them when fired.  If you touch a piece and decide not to paint it, you may have left oils on it for the next person that does want to paint it.  Please supervise children when they are deciding on which ceramic piece to paint. It is natural to want to touch them.  Yes, you can put too much paint on your ceramic piece.  3 coats of paint is recommended with drying time in between coats.

Less than 3 coats will deliver a lighter color and a streaky outcome.  Not allowing your piece to dry between coats will deliver a streaky outcome. Too much paint will cause paint to pull away from the piece it will need to be fixed and refired. Writer bottles only require 1 coat of paint and are for the use of anyone over the age of 10.  Using a writer bottle incorrectly can ruin the piece you worked so hard on.  Please supervise your children while they are painting ceramics as common errors are the use of too much paint, too many coats and use of writer bottles incorrectly.  Our staff is always happy to teach you anything we know.Do I have to know how to paint?
No, we prefer that you didn’t. You will be more amazed at what you can do. We do have tracing patterns that are available upon request for almost all of our designs.


What if I want a design that you don't offer

Custom work is done at a rate of $ 20 per hour for ceramics and glass.  Custom canvas paintings are $ 35 for a 16 x 20 and $ 25 for a 12 x 12

What if I can’t finish my painting, ceramic or glass piece?
We will dry them and wrap them, if neeeded, and you can bring your piece back when you are ready to finish it.   A $ 5 return studio applies to each return visit for canvas and ceramics per person. We do not store unfinished pieces in the studio for you.


Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather and you feel that you are unable to safely come to a class you have signed up for, you can choose to reschedule for another scheduled time or use your time during our open studio for ceramics or canvas painting. Please let us know if you are unable to make it.  If Gone Paintin' cancels the event you will be given the option of a refund or to apply your reservation to another event or open studio time.


Ceramics pick up

We do not call when your ceramics are ready for pick up.  You will be given the date that your piece will be ready for pick up when you check out. 

The date will be written on your yellow receipt that you are given.  All pieces will be packaged for your pick up.  We will hold onto pieces for 30 days in our studio.  After that time, you piece will be donated or discarded unless special arrangements are made for pick up.    We hope you understand that our studio is not that large and storage of ceramic pieces for an extended period of time takes up space for our inventory.   We appreciate your understanding. ( Please come and get your stuff )  We do call/email as a reminder after 30 days before we donate your piece.  Shipping of pieces must be pre-arranged and cost of packaging and shipping must be paid prior to shipment. We are not responsible for items damaged or broken during shipment. We do our best to pack them securely for you.

We often hold private parties that customers have paid for to have us open the studio either earlier or later than our normal walk in hours.  We do not offer pick ups during this time, even if our door is open.  Please respect the private party if the closed sign is posted and it is before or after our posted hours,  but it appears there is activity in the studio. We will ask you to come back during our normal walk in hours, unless prior arrangements have been made.  If there are no painters in the studio one hour prior to our closing time, we will close at that time.  Please call the studio, we do not want you to make a trip and not have anyone be there for you.  We will wait if we know you are coming


Birthday Parties

Our birthday parties are all DROP OFF parties except for ages 5 and younger. If you feel that your child is not ready for a drop off party please consider having the party at your home or another location, we do off site parties. If you prefer to have the party in our studio and you want parents to stay, we can arrange a birthday party time either before or after our open studio hours for a party fee of $ 25. Only the birthday child's parents are permitted in the party area during the party unless other arrangements are agreed upon prior to the party.  All parties will start and end on time. Please add 15 minutes to the start time of your party so the guests show up and are ready to start their project on time. We wil not start a party late waiting for late arrivals or end a party late to guests can finish their pieces.  Please alert your guests to arrive on time and that the party is drop off.



We have brushes for acrylic paints and brushes for ceramics.  You will be instructed before the start of your project about brushes or given brushes to use.  We DO NOT use our ceramic brushes to paint on canvas with acrylic paint as it ruins the brushes.  If you find you need more brushes please ask and do not help yourself, we will happily give you more.


Acrylic Paint vs Ceramic Glaze

If you would like to paint a piece of pottery in acrylic paint and take it home the same day, that is just fine.  It cannot be a piece that will be used to eat off of or drink out of as it will not be food safe when not dipped in clear glaze and fired in the kiln.  You cannot paint a piece of pottery in acrylic paint and then ask us to put it in the kiln.  We cannot do that. Only pieces painted in ceramic glaze can go into the kiln in our studio. If you have others in your group painting with different types of paint it is important that you keep your paints and brushes separate to be used on the project they are meant for. 


How you can help us keep our prices down


Yes, there some really easy ways you can help us keep our prices down. 

1. Don't over pour your paint.  We will never tell you that you cannot have more paint.  Start with a small amount and you can always add to it.

2. Pour the paints for your kids as they don't realize how much is too much

3. Be kind to our brushes.  When you are not using a brush that has paint on it, please put it in the water so it does not dry out, especially with acrylic paints.

4. Take one sheet of a paper towel when you are washing and drying your hands, if you need another than go for it.

5. Re-use your pick up bag or bring your own bag for pick up of your pieces.  Of course we will always have a bag to send your pieces home for you.

6. Do not touch the ceramic pieces until you find one that you want to paint for yourself.  Your fingers leave behind oils from food, etc. that can prevent paint from adhering to a piece. If you touch one and do not paint it, the next person may have a problem when they want to paint it.

If you really want to touch something to get a feel for it, we understand, please just wash your hands first.

These simple things really do help and are greatly really appreciated.


Walk In Hours

Our walk in hours do change seasonally, so please check our website, facebook page or call the studio if you are unsure before you make a trip to pick up or do a project and find out we are closed.  We do seat our last creator one hour prior to closing.  If there are no customers in the studio one hour before closing we may close at that time.  Please keep this in mind when planning to pick up.  If you plan to start a project please leave yourself at least an hour for ceramics, clay and glass and 90 minutes to 2 hours for canvas.  These times are just estimates and depend on the complexity of your project and your work pace.

We cannot stay late for you to finish a project as we have child, animal and family obligations to get to after we close.

Please be respectful of our closing hours, we do not like to have to ask you to leave.


Children in the studio

We love to have children of all ages in the studio.  We ask that children be supervised at all times while in the studio.  No child under the age of 12 can be left with adult supervision in the studio unless they are part of a party, camp or a kids night out.  Please bring an activity for your child to do when they are finished painting if you plan on working on your own project.  Kids finish faster than adults and often find themselves with nothing to do.  Our staff is present to instruct how to do a project, project set up and answer any questions you may have, however they are not able to offer one on one instructioin during walk in hours so please plan on assisting your child with their project if they need help reading instructions, cutting glass or pouring paints.  No children are to touch any glass in the studio unless they are working on a glass fusing project.

We don't want them getting cut.

We do have coloring books available, just ask.



There are no refunds or exchanges on gift certificates, door prizes, classes, camps, promotional discounts or parties.

A studio credit may be given at the discretion of the studio owners.

No studio credit will be given if canceled less than 48 hours from class time.

Special gift certificate offers are only good until date listed on gift certificate.  After that date the value paid for the gift certificate will be the value offered upon redemption in the studio.  Gift certificates cannot be exchanged for cash.


Food in the studio:

No food is permitted in the studio during walk in hours unless you are coming for a scheduled party or class or you have booked an event or party and have paid a party fee in advance.

If you are coming to create with a group but have not scheduled a party or paid a party fee, we ask that you have your food celebration at an alternate location. We are happy to have larger groups come in and create in the studio and celebrate an occasion, however, if you want to turn your outing into a party with food, there is a party fee that will be applied.  Please keep in mind that staffing is always considered when a pre planned party is arranged so that you have all the assistance your guests require.  If you arrive during walk in hours with a large group for a special occasion and have not booked a party, we will do our very best to accommodate you, but no food will be permitted in the studio.  Our space is small and we do need to plan ahead for these type of situations.  We appreciate your understanding.












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